Plan, Work, Analyze.

The only way you will get the right things done.

1. Plan

Angstrom is divided into three sections. Plan, work and analyse. Planning is crucial to make sure that you are working on the right things!

Angstrom has five planning tools to help you decide what you should work on. We will look at three of them here.

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2. Work

The work section of Angstrom is your command center. Keep this open throughout the day to keep you focussed. Anything that you have starred from the planning section is added here.

Every day you will be asked how you feel and reminded of all of your recurring tasks that you have set for that day. You can also launch your morning or evening routine from here.

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3. Analyze

To close the circle. After you have planned and worked, you need to see how you did. Feedback on your work and habits is crucial to self-correct.

Without feeback, you cannot improve and learn from your mistakes. This is what the analyse section is all about!

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