Analyze History

This is page your time machine to look back on what you have achieved on previous days. This can be a really rewarding exercise as you easily forget how much you do actually achieve! Getting some perspective every so often is really useful.
  • Each task that you logged time against is shown. If you work on a task multiple times on the same day, each one is listed seperately.
  • As with all other pages, you can click on the task and open the details of the task.
  • The large time at the top of the page is the total amount of time that you logged on that particular day.
  • How you felt on that particular day is also listed here for context.
  • Analysis of the correlation of how you felt vs how much you worked will be coming soon. There are other metrics that can also be included here such as, how did you sleep last night? Or even the weather in your particular location.